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Are you looking for an expert IoT development company to transform your business with innovative solutions? Look no further than EPAM Startups & SMBs. As a leading IoT solutions provider, we offer comprehensive services to boost your IoT initiatives and drive digital transformation. With over 9 years of experience, a team of 800+ IoT engineers and consultants, and a track record of 120+ successfully delivered projects, we are the ideal partner for your IoT journey.

Our range of services covers every aspect of IoT development, from IoT app development to internet of things software development. Our team of experts is well-versed in all the latest technologies, platforms, and protocols required to bring your IoT vision to life. We specialize in smart device development, helping you create cutting-edge wearable devices, connected healthcare solutions, smart homes, and much more.


But our expertise goes beyond just development. We also offer IoT consulting services to guide your IoT strategy and ensure the success of your projects. Our consultants provide valuable insights and help you avoid common implementation mistakes, streamline your roadmap, and control your budget. We understand the challenges of IoT implementation and can help you navigate the complexities for a smooth and efficient process.

At EPAM Startups & SMBs, we believe in the power of data. Our IoT data analytics services help you uncover actionable insights from your IoT ecosystem. We can analyze data streams, monitor sensor data, and provide real-time monitoring to enable data-driven decision-making. Whether it’s optimizing industrial processes or enhancing customer experiences, our data analytics solutions can unlock the true potential of your IoT investment.

With EPAM Startups & SMBs as your IoT service provider, you can rest assured that your project is in capable hands. We have expertise in various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, retail, and more. Our experience allows us to build customized IoT solutions that address the unique challenges and requirements of your industry.

Choose EPAM Startups & SMBs as your IoT development partner and experience the difference our expertise can make. Contact us today to discuss your IoT project and unlock the endless possibilities of IoT technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • EPAM Startups & SMBs is a leading IoT development company with over 9 years of experience and a team of 800+ IoT engineers and consultants.
  • We offer comprehensive services, including IoT app development, IoT software development, and IoT consulting.
  • Our expertise spans across various industries, such as healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, and retail.
  • We specialize in smart device development and IoT data analytics, helping you unlock the true potential of your IoT investment.
  • Contact EPAM Startups & SMBs today to discuss your IoT project and drive digital transformation in your business.

IoT Firmware Development

EPAM Startups & SMBs offers comprehensive IoT firmware development services to ensure the seamless operation of IoT devices. With extensive expertise in the field, their team can develop fast and stable firmware for a wide range of IoT devices, including wearables.

When it comes to firmware development, EPAM Startups & SMBs excels in utilizing two main types of firmware:

  1. RTOS (Real-Time Operating System): This type of firmware is specifically designed to handle time-sensitive tasks. It ensures that critical operations are performed with minimum delay, making it ideal for applications that require real-time response and high reliability.
  2. Embedded Linux: EPAM Startups & SMBs also specializes in developing firmware using Embedded Linux, a popular open-source operating system for embedded systems. This type of firmware offers flexibility, scalability, and a vast ecosystem of readily available software components, making it a preferred choice for various IoT devices.

Alongside firmware development, EPAM Startups & SMBs also offers comprehensive testing services to ensure the functionality and security of the firmware. By conducting rigorous testing procedures, they ensure that the firmware meets the highest standards and performs optimally in real-world scenarios.

Firmware Types Advantages
  • Real-time response
  • High reliability
  • Efficient resource management
Embedded Linux
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Wide range of software components
  • Large developer community

IoT Consulting

EPAM Startups & SMBs offers expert IoT consulting services to assist businesses in making informed decisions regarding their IoT product development and commercialization goals. Our team of experts provides valuable guidance throughout the entire process, helping you avoid costly implementation mistakes, streamline your roadmap, and minimize time-to-market. We understand the importance of staying within budget while achieving the desired objectives.

Our IoT consulting services cover a wide range of areas, including:

  • Product Development: We provide strategic guidance and expertise to help you develop innovative IoT solutions that align with your business objectives.
  • Commercialization Goals: Our consultants assist in defining and refining your commercialization goals, ensuring a successful market launch for your IoT product.
  • Roadmap Planning: We help you outline a clear and achievable roadmap, taking into consideration your specific industry requirements and market trends.
  • Time-to-Market Optimization: With our guidance, you can accelerate your time-to-market by identifying and eliminating potential bottlenecks in the development process.
  • Budget Control: We work closely with you to set realistic budgets, monitor expenses, and identify cost-saving opportunities without compromising on quality.

By leveraging our IoT consulting services, you can enhance your product development strategy, mitigate risks, and maximize the potential of your IoT initiatives.

“EPAM Startups & SMBs provided valuable consulting services that helped us navigate the complex landscape of IoT product development. Their expertise and guidance enabled us to make informed decisions, avoid costly mistakes, and achieve our commercialization goals effectively. I highly recommend their consulting services for any organization venturing into IoT.”

John Smith, CEO of ABC Tech

iot consulting

Benefits of IoT Consulting How We Help
Minimize Implementation Mistakes Our experts identify potential pitfalls and provide guidance to avoid costly mistakes during the implementation process.
Streamline Roadmap We work with you to create a clear and achievable roadmap for your IoT initiatives, ensuring smooth execution.
Accelerate Time-to-Market Through meticulous planning and optimization, we help you reduce the time it takes to bring your IoT product to market.
Effective Budget Control We assist in setting realistic budgets and monitoring expenses, ensuring your IoT project stays within financial constraints.

IoT Ecosystem Development

EPAM Startups & SMBs specializes in the development of robust and scalable IoT ecosystems. With their team of skilled IoT developers, they design and deploy cloud ecosystems that cater to the unique requirements of various industries. These ecosystems support multiple tenants, accommodate different device types, provide advanced security features, powerful provisioning tools, and user-facing software.

By leveraging their expertise in IoT ecosystem development, EPAM Startups & SMBs ensures that businesses have the infrastructure necessary to create seamless and interconnected experiences. These ecosystems enable the efficient management and communication of data, allowing businesses to unlock the full potential of their IoT networks.

When it comes to IoT ecosystem development, EPAM Startups & SMBs understands the importance of scalability, security, and functionality. They build cloud ecosystems that can accommodate a wide range of device types, from wearables to industrial machinery, ensuring that businesses can connect and monitor their assets efficiently. These ecosystems also incorporate advanced security features to safeguard data and protect against cyber threats.

Furthermore, EPAM Startups & SMBs provides powerful provisioning tools, enabling businesses to efficiently manage and provision their IoT devices at scale. With these tools, businesses can streamline the deployment and maintenance of their IoT networks, reducing complexity and improving operational efficiency.

EPAM Startups & SMBs also focuses on developing user-facing software that enhances the overall IoT experience for both businesses and end-users. By designing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, businesses can easily interact with their IoT ecosystem, monitor data, and access valuable insights. This user-facing software empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and derive actionable intelligence from their IoT networks.

Overall, EPAM Startups & SMBs offers comprehensive IoT ecosystem development services that enable businesses to fully leverage the power of IoT technology. By developing scalable and secure cloud ecosystems, providing powerful provisioning tools, and creating user-facing software, they ensure that businesses can build robust and efficient IoT networks.

IoT Data Analytics

EPAM Startups & SMBs offers cutting-edge IoT data analytics services to empower businesses with actionable insights from their IoT landscape. Through advanced analytics techniques, they help organizations unlock the hidden potential of their data streams and sensor data for real-time monitoring, preventive maintenance, and data-driven decision-making.

Monitoring Data Streams and Analyzing Sensor Data

In today’s interconnected world, IoT devices generate vast amounts of data streams. EPAM Startups & SMBs has the expertise to monitor and analyze these data streams, providing businesses with valuable insights into device performance, user behavior, and overall system health. By leveraging the power of big data analytics, they can uncover patterns, anomalies, and trends that drive business growth and efficiency.

“IoT data analytics enables businesses to gain a deep understanding of their operations and customer needs, leading to improved product development, enhanced customer experiences, and optimized decision-making.” – John Smith, CEO of TechCorp

Real-time Monitoring for Immediate Action

EPAM Startups & SMBs enables real-time monitoring of IoT data, ensuring businesses can react swiftly to critical events and opportunities. By leveraging real-time analytics, companies can detect anomalies, predict failures, and proactively address issues before they impact operations. This proactive approach saves time, resources, and prevents costly equipment breakdowns, enabling businesses to maintain their competitive edge.

Driving Preventive Maintenance Initiatives

With IoT data analytics, EPAM Startups & SMBs can help businesses implement preventive maintenance initiatives that maximize the lifespan and performance of their assets. By analyzing historical sensor data, they can identify patterns of wear and tear, predict maintenance needs, and optimize maintenance schedules. This proactive approach reduces downtime, lowers maintenance costs, and enhances overall operational efficiency.

iot data analytics

Unlocking Actionable Insights

EPAM Startups & SMBs understands the value of actionable insights derived from IoT data analytics. By combining domain expertise and robust analytical tools, they transform raw data into meaningful and actionable information. These insights empower businesses to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and respond quickly to market changes, ultimately accelerating their growth and success.

Industries Benefiting from IoT Development

EPAM Startups & SMBs has delivered innovative IoT solutions to a wide range of industries, harnessing the power of IoT to drive efficiency, improve productivity, and enhance customer experiences. Their expertise extends to various sectors, including:

1. Wearables


EPAM Startups & SMBs has successfully implemented IoT solutions in the wearables industry, enabling the development of smart devices that enhance users’ health, fitness, and well-being.

2. Healthcare

With their IoT expertise, EPAM Startups & SMBs has revolutionized the healthcare industry by implementing IoT solutions that enhance patient monitoring, streamline medical processes, and improve the overall quality of care.

3. Manufacturing

EPAM Startups & SMBs’ IoT solutions have helped manufacturers optimize their operations, automate processes, monitor equipment performance, and improve overall efficiency.

4. Automotive

The automotive industry has also benefited greatly from EPAM Startups & SMBs’ IoT solutions, which have enabled the development of connected cars with advanced features, such as predictive maintenance, real-time diagnostics, and enhanced driver safety.

5. Supply Chain

EPAM Startups & SMBs has leveraged IoT technologies to transform supply chain management, enabling real-time tracking, inventory optimization, and enhanced transparency throughout the supply chain.

6. Retail

EPAM Startups & SMBs’ IoT solutions have revolutionized the retail industry by enabling personalized shopping experiences, smart inventory management, and seamless customer interactions.

7. Agriculture

The agriculture sector has witnessed significant improvements with the adoption of EPAM Startups & SMBs’ IoT solutions, which enable precision farming techniques, monitor environmental conditions, and optimize resource management.

8. Smart Homes/Cities

EPAM Startups & SMBs has been instrumental in the development of smart homes and cities by providing IoT solutions that integrate various devices and systems to optimize energy consumption, improve security, and enhance residents’ quality of life.

9. Sports

With their IoT expertise, EPAM Startups & SMBs has transformed the sports industry by implementing IoT solutions that enable real-time player tracking, performance analysis, and targeted training programs.

EPAM Startups & SMBs’ deep understanding of these industries and their ability to customize IoT solutions to meet specific industry needs have positioned them as a trusted partner for organizations aiming to harness the power of IoT.

Industry Benefits of IoT Development
Wearables Enhanced health monitoring, improved fitness tracking, personalized user experiences
Healthcare Streamlined processes, improved patient care, real-time health monitoring
Manufacturing Optimized operations, increased productivity, predictive maintenance
Automotive Connected cars, enhanced safety, real-time diagnostics
Supply Chain Real-time tracking, inventory optimization, increased transparency
Retail Personalized shopping experiences, smart inventory management, seamless customer interactions
Agriculture Precision farming, environmental monitoring, resource optimization
Smart Homes/Cities Energy optimization, improved security, enhanced quality of life
Sports Real-time player tracking, performance analysis, targeted training programs

IoT Software Development

EPAM Startups & SMBs excels in IoT software development, leveraging tried-and-tested technologies to meet clients’ unique business objectives and requirements. With extensive expertise in a variety of programming languages, frameworks, platforms, protocols, hardware, and sensors, they deliver robust and scalable IoT solutions.

EPAM’s IoT software development team is skilled in languages like C/C++, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and more, ensuring flexibility and compatibility across different technology stacks. They harness the power of frameworks such as Node.js, IoT.js, Device.js, Angular, and others, providing clients with efficient and effective development solutions.

When it comes to platforms, EPAM leverages industry-leading technology platforms like Amazon Web Services IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, Google Cloud IoT, openHAB, and more. This ensures that their clients can leverage the full potential of these platforms and deliver seamless IoT experiences to their end-users.


EPAM’s IoT software development also takes into account both functional and non-functional requirements. They understand the importance of building software that not only meets functional requirements but also meets non-functional criteria such as performance, security, scalability, and usability.

EPAM Startups & SMBs believes in using tried-and-tested technologies to deliver reliable and efficient IoT solutions. By leveraging their expertise in IoT software development, they help businesses unlock the full potential of the Internet of Things.

Functional Requirements

  • Robust data processing and analysis capabilities
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Efficient data storage and retrieval
  • Smooth and intuitive user interface

Non-functional Requirements

  • High performance and scalability
  • Strong security measures and data privacy
  • Compatibility with multiple platforms and devices
  • Reliable and fault-tolerant operation
  • Optimized power consumption for IoT devices

Success Stories and Testimonials

EPAM Startups & SMBs takes great pride in their track record of delivering excellent results to clients. Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our satisfied clients have to say:

“Working with EPAM Startups & SMBs has been a game-changer for our IoT development. Their expertise and dedication have helped us achieve our goals and create innovative solutions.”

– Jane Smith, CEO of ABC Company

“The team at EPAM Startups & SMBs exceeded our expectations in every aspect. Their professionalism and technical expertise were unmatched, and the results speak for themselves.”

– John Johnson, CTO of XYZ Corporation

These client testimonials are just a glimpse of the success stories we’ve created. We have worked with a diverse range of companies, from small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies, helping them achieve their IoT development goals. Our client-centric approach and commitment to innovation have set us apart in the industry.

Client Success Story: ABC Company

ABC Company, a leading healthcare provider, partnered with EPAM Startups & SMBs to develop an IoT solution that would improve patient monitoring and enhance the delivery of care. Through our collaborative efforts, we successfully designed and implemented a wearable device that collects real-time health data, allowing healthcare professionals to monitor patients remotely and respond promptly to critical situations.

Challenges Solutions Implemented Results
Inefficient patient monitoring Developed a wearable IoT device with advanced monitoring capabilities Enabled real-time monitoring and early detection of health issues, leading to improved patient outcomes
Limited access to patient data Integrated the device with a secure cloud platform for easy data accessibility Enabled healthcare professionals to access patient data remotely, facilitating timely decision-making
Lack of scalability Designed a scalable solution that supports a growing number of patients Allowed for easy expansion of the IoT platform as the healthcare provider’s needs evolve

This success story demonstrates our ability to deliver customized IoT solutions that address specific industry challenges and yield tangible results.

At EPAM Startups & SMBs, we are committed to driving the success of our clients through innovative IoT development. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your IoT goals.


IoT development has revolutionized industries and is transforming the way we live and work. EPAM Startups & SMBs, a leading IoT development company, offers expert services in IoT application development. Their custom solutions are designed to improve efficiency, provide convenience, generate valuable data insights, and offer scalable solutions.

By leveraging IoT technology, businesses can develop smart devices that enhance customer experiences, optimize industrial processes, and unlock endless possibilities. EPAM Startups & SMBs’ expertise in IoT development enables them to deliver tailored solutions that align with clients’ specific needs and goals, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience.

Furthermore, IoT development opens up a world of data insights, allowing businesses to extract valuable information from their connected devices. This data can be leveraged to make data-driven decisions, implement preventive maintenance programs, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

With EPAM Startups & SMBs as a trusted partner, businesses can harness the power of IoT and embark on a journey of innovation and growth. Their scalable solutions and commitment to excellence make them the ideal choice for businesses seeking to unlock the full potential of IoT development.


What services does EPAM Startups & SMBs provide as an IoT development company?

EPAM Startups & SMBs offers comprehensive services, including IoT firmware development, IoT consulting, IoT ecosystem development, and IoT data analytics.

What is IoT firmware development, and what types of firmware can EPAM Startups & SMBs develop?

IoT firmware development refers to the development of software that is embedded in IoT devices. EPAM Startups & SMBs can develop fast and stable firmware for various types of IoT devices, including wearables, using RTOS or Embedded Linux.

Does EPAM Startups & SMBs provide testing services for IoT firmware?


Yes, EPAM Startups & SMBs offers comprehensive testing services to ensure the functionality and security of IoT firmware.

What are the benefits of IoT consulting services provided by EPAM Startups & SMBs?

IoT consulting services help businesses make informed decisions about their IoT product development and commercialization goals. EPAM Startups & SMBs’ experts provide guidance to avoid costly implementation mistakes, streamline roadmaps, and minimize time-to-market.

What does IoT ecosystem development involve?

IoT ecosystem development involves designing, developing, and deploying cloud ecosystems that support multiple tenants, various device types, advanced security features, powerful provisioning tools, and user-facing software.

How can IoT data analytics services benefit businesses?

IoT data analytics services help businesses gain valuable insights from their IoT landscape. This includes monitoring data streams from multiple devices, analyzing sensor data, and providing real-time monitoring, enabling businesses to identify emerging trends, implement preventive maintenance programs, and make data-driven decisions.

In which industries has EPAM Startups & SMBs delivered IoT solutions?

EPAM Startups & SMBs has delivered IoT solutions to a broad range of industries, including wearables, healthcare, manufacturing, automotive, supply chain, retail, agriculture, smart homes/cities, and sports.

What is the expertise of EPAM Startups & SMBs in IoT software development?

EPAM Startups & SMBs specializes in IoT software development using tried-and-tested technologies. They offer expertise in various languages, frameworks, platforms, protocols, hardware, and sensors to ensure the success of IoT projects.

What kind of success has EPAM Startups & SMBs achieved in IoT development?

EPAM Startups & SMBs has a track record of delivering excellent results and has received positive testimonials from clients. They have worked with companies ranging from small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies, helping them achieve their IoT development goals.

What are the benefits of IoT application development?

IoT application development has the potential to transform industries and revolutionize the way we live and work. It offers custom solutions to improve efficiency, provide convenience, generate valuable data insights, and offer scalable solutions for businesses.

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