Seal APK v1.10.0 Download for Android 2023

App NameSeal Apk
File Size33.9MB
Updated1Days Ago

What’s Changed in v1.10.0?

Extra Subtitles

Change subtitles into a different format
Select the language of the subtitles under “Format”
format choice Seal apk

Characters (audio/video) are displayed on FormatItems
The video is divided into chapters
Choose a subtitle by language names or codes to download.
customized orders

On the page for running tasks, create custom command tasks.
Set up a different download directory for custom command jobs.
Several command templates can be chosen to export and erase cookies.

Add CookiesQuickSettingsDialog to the configuration menu so that you may refresh and configure cookies.
whenever you download with cookies enabled, add the user agent header.

Other New Features & UI Improvements

Extra Subtitles

When you long-press on a PlaylistItem, CShow PlainToolTip appears.
Include a monotone theme
For network connections, add a proxy configuration.

Add translations in Portuguese and Swedish.


  • When opened in the system share sheet, an app crashes.
  • Not shown in the YouTube playlist results is the video.
  • Once cookies have been cleared, they cannot be disabled.
  • When audio is enabled when saving, hide video-only formats.
  • decimal value parsing error in width/height
  • Preferences for audio codecs don’t perform as intended
  • When the original is null, one cannot retrieve video information.


  • Important Changes
  • The target API level (Android 14) should be raised to 34.
  • There are now two choices for preferred video format: Legacy and Quality.
  • Redesigning the configuration dialog’s user interface

Other Changes

To reflect the new MD3 color responsibilities, update ColorSchemes and components.
Updated the YouTube Android app and added the library’s pycryptodomex.
Move Video formats are now enabled by default at the bottom of the FormatPage Notifications.
Minor UI updates and enhancements